Mush Ball

$25.00 25.00

The inflatable Mush Ball is our latest innovative massage tool offering a softer, more flexible rolling surface than the Supernova, with the added ability to customize the level of firmness using a standard air pump (ideal inflation range: 10 to 20 PSI). Mush Ball is slightly smaller than the standard Supernova, but larger than a lacrosse ball, giving it unique versatility for large treatment areas and precision targeting. The ball is made from a 60A durometer, high tack EPDM rubber, and its radial flex grooves offer a nice moderate grip—trapping tissues deeper than a smooth surface can, but with less intensity than knobbed rollers.

Because the Mush Ball is uniquely flexible and literally squishes a bit under pressure, it’s a great option for relieving tension in sore or tight areas that are more sensitive to denser tools like lacrosse balls. Being able to add or remove air also allows athletes to modulate the pressure and get the exact feel they want.