Supernova (small) - 80 mm

$36.50 36.50


The miniature version of the Supernova—with a reduced, 80mm diameter for easier targeting of some hard to reach trigger points. Backed by the same science as the standard-size Supernova, this groundbreaking massage ball is designed to go where your basic lacrosse balls can’t—creating higher global shear pressures for an intense, effective, and efficient brand of deep tissue therapy. Use it after a workout, before bed, or during a lunch break to treat or prevent knots and soreness. The Supernova goes anywhere, works everywhere, and helps just about anybody recover faster to get back in the gym sooner. Since the standard Supernova has the motto: “More shear, more better, more awesome,” we’ll just tack on, “more smaller” for this one and you’ll get the gist.