Little BattleStar

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A perfect companion to the standard Big BattleStar™ roller, this small spindle is half the diameter (50mm), allowing for more acute pressure—like a barbell with better grip and adhesion.

The Little BattleStar™ was developed by TRS and MobilityWOD founder and doctor of physical therapy, Kelly Starrett. His goal, as with the Big BattleStar, was to improve on the standard tube-shaped foam roller by designing a tool that could create a lot more shear in the joint tissues. With Version 2.0, this functionality has been improved with a new elastomeric coating optimized for gripping the skin and allowing maximum “tack.” The Little BattleStar is made from the same proprietary material as the MobilityWOD Gemini™ and SuperNova™, and its texture provides an optimal 40:60 ratio of raised contact to negative space. The roller’s surface is also now more hygienic and easier to clean and disinfect.

You can use the Little BattleStar 2.0 independently on the ground as a basic roller; add a set of X-Wing Handles for more aggressive, detailed work; or use the BattleStar Cradle to elevate and hold the roller in position—giving you better leverage for targeted work on the hips and larger muscle groups.

Compatible with the BattleStar Cradle or X-Wing Handles, sold separately.