Big Battlestar 2.0

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Version 2.0 of the Big BattleStar™ updates what was already one of the most innovative and versatile massaging rollers on the market. This design includes a new elastomeric coating, improving the grip and "tack" of the roller for optimal shearing force in the joint tissues. Made from the same proprietary material as the Gemini™ and SuperNova™, the Big BattleStar’s texture provides an optimal 40:60 ratio of raised contact to negative space, and its surface is now easier to clean and disinfect.

The Big BattleStar 2.0 has the same dimensions as the original—14” (35.5CM) in length and 3.94” (100MM) in diameter—and the same wide array of potential applications. You can use it independently on the ground as a basic roller, add a set of X-Wing Handles for more aggressive, detailed work, or use the BattleStar Cradle to elevate and hold the roller in position—giving you better leverage for targeted work on the hips and larger muscle groups. A smaller 1.97” diameter version, the Little BattleStar, is also available.

Compatible with the BattleStar Cradle and X-Wing Handles (Sold Separately).